Trikke Spotlight – David Beerman – Certified Trikke Professional & Trainer

Trikke Spotlight – David Beerman – Certified Trikke Professional & Trainer

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Trikke Skki for Adaptive

When it comes to making a difference, Dave Beerman is a valued member of the Trikke business community.  He’s a retired engineer, who decided to make “health through sport” his mantra, and give back to those who need a more “adaptive” approach.  He’s not only a Certified Trikke Trainer / Professional, he’s a Cross-Seasonal Trikke Trainer, introducing the Trikke Skki into Colorado resorts as a legit piece of ski school training equipment to teach those with disabilities.

   “So, Dave, we have a few questions for you….”


Where are you located? Broomfield, Colorado 
What models of Trikke carving vehicles do you own?  T78cs (air tires), T12, Pon-e 36v Lite, Pone-36v, Trikke SKKIs (2)
When & Why did you start your carving life / get into Trikke? I bought the T78cs after seeing the infomercial (about 2005?). Then after moving to Colorado, rented a Trikke SKKI to check it out. And seeing its capabilities is what got me thinking about getting more involved with Trikkes. So I attended the Academy in Las Vegas in 2012 to become a Certified Trikke Trainer – then my garage started to fill up with Trikkes.
What are three words that describe you? Fun, fair, forward-looking
What is the last book you read & movie you watched? The Wright Brothers (David McCullough)
What is your greatest joy? When Mrs. B and I are somewhere out in the sunshine, breathing in the clear Colorado air
Intuition or rationale? 80% rationale, 20% intuition 
If you could give one piece of advice to your 10-year-old self, what would it be? Play more baseball 
Who would play You in the movie of your life? Charleton Heston
In one sentence, what does the future of Trikke look like to you? The future looks electric – so bright you’ve got to wear shades.
What’s playing on your carving / trikke-ing soundtrack?  Rippingtons, Hans Zimmer movie soundtracks
What is your favorite guilty pleasure?   oreo malts
What do you have hidden under your bed? more books
Elvis or Sinatra?  neither

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