Trikke Folk Spotlight – Alan Reese  “Trikke-The-Track Originator”

Trikke Folk Spotlight – Alan Reese “Trikke-The-Track Originator”

Fun Q&A Profiles On Some Of The People Making a Difference in The Trikke World

2015 NRS

Alan Reese and Fred Welch at the 2015 National Trikke Riding Skkool during Trikke The Track on the Indy Motor Speedway

What models of Trikke carving vehicles do you own?  Total 5   – 2 T-12’s, 2 T-8 air, 1 T-7-8 
When & Why did you start your carving life / get into Trikke? I 2012
What are three words that describe you? (according to Carol)  INSTIGATOR, APPROACHABLE, DARING
What is the last book you read & movie you watched? “Power of Habit”  C.Duhigg;      Casablanca 
What is your greatest joy? On my t-12 on a warm day with a cool breeze
Intuition or rationale? Much more intuitional with age! 
Read biographies , find successful mentors and follow them. 
Who would play You in the movie of your life? Humphry Bogart 
In one sentence, what does the future of Trikke look like to you? Unlimited, if we (Trikkers) get our act together.
What’s playing on your carving / trikke-ing soundtrack?  Gloria Gaynor , Bee Gees.
What is your favorite guilty pleasure?  Riding my T-12 on the cities Parade route in reverse one hour before the Parade begins. BOLD fun.
What do you have hidden under your bed? Carol’s Christmas present. Forgot to give it to her.
Elvis or Sinatra?  BOTH, plus Bing Crosby