Trikke Academy Goes Regional!

Trikke Academy Goes Regional!

As we begin 2016, we’re excited to announce that Trikke Academy has now moved to a “Regional” Academy format.   Meaning, there are now TWO Trikke Academy locations.

Las Vegas, NEV     &      St. Louis, MO

Although we have always had a home base (first in So Cal, and now, Las Vegas), traveling has always been a large part of the yearly Trikke Academy schedule.  That has certainly increased our reach, but it has also been expensive, and complicated, with many of you waiting & wondering where me might show up next.  

Here’s 3 Good Reasons Why We’ve Gone To A Regional Location Format…

  • Consistency,… Making it easier for you now to properly gauge your travel time & expenses.  And because we can now work more closely and consistently with standard locations/ properties, we can book dates sooner, and offer you more advanced notice,  
  • Diversity… This year there will only be 2 Regional Academy locations.  But with each new location in a different region of the country, there will also be a new Regional Academy Director, each with their own knowledge base, style, and forte’.  Other members of the national Trikke Academy team may also be there to take part.   
  • Growth…  Divide and conquer…. Regional locations will soon allow for better saturation throughout the country, as well as better support for all our Trikke Professionals nationally.  

If you add to that all the other benefits of being on “home turf”, it’s a winning combination, where we can truly offer added value w/o added costs.  

There’s more info & updates coming in our Trikke Tuesdays newsletter, starting next week.  

We’re excited, and we hope you’re excited too!  

For more info, please feel free to contact us