What CERTIFIED TRIKKE PROS Say About Trikke Academy:

Curious about what real people have to say about Trikke Academy and Certified Trikke Trainers (folks who have successfully completed a Trikke Academy course and are ready to teach you how to ride a CV, help you ride better, or help you discover the perfect Trikke vehicle for you)? Well, wonder no longer!

Curious about what real people have to say about Trikke Academy and Certified Trikke Trainers (folks who have successfully completed a Trikke Academy course and are ready to teach you how to ride a CV, help you ride better, or help you discover the perfect Trikke vehicle for you)? Well, wonder no longer!

I see a huge untapped market… I learned more in three days than I’ve learned in most week long seminars.
Willam Piekiel – Retired police investigator (NY)


Even with my most critical hat on, I would be hard pressed to offer any constructive criticism. Truly, it all worked for me. The Academy training rocks!
Jim Goodrich – Filmmaker (CA)


[The entire Academy Team] were terrific hosts. We have been in the Trikke business for almost six years, but now we are in the Trikke community! The Academy has given us a new perspective and reminded us of why we wanted to share the carving with the world!

Trikke Academy made me see the community aspect of Trikke. Spending time with each other, group rides, and building relationships to grow out business. The overall Academy experience was even better than we expected. Keep on carvin’!

Eric Lunsford – Trikke Dealer (TX)


[Trikke Academy] totally met my expectations. This training experience covered everything we’ll need to do this the right way.
Gail Theuax (MN)


The credibility that comes with being a Trikke Trainer has helped my business grow incredibly. The training tools and expertise of learning how to teach others is unmatched from the Trikke Academy. Learning everything about the business, the training, and the tech side of this amazing vehicle gives you a solid foundation needed to be successful. And the journey does not end after the class is ove!. Support is the a key factor to making the Trikke Academy a must for your vision.

Become a Trainer and share the passion with your community. The response will grow exponentially. It’s working for me and it will for you too.

The wonderful world of the Trikke Carving revolution is breaking out. Catch the wave and see what’s around the next turn for you.

Andy Pliska – South Bay Trikke (CA)


[Trikke Academy] surpassed all of my expectations! I had no idea that it would make me so much better of a rider. What a pleasant surprise.
Christopher Avenessian (CA)


The number one factor for attending the Trikke Academy??….. OPPORTUNITY!
Derick Siebert – Computer IT Business owner (SC)


I went to learn all I can about this wonderful product. Everything was critical to my education. Trikke did a wonderful job.
Barry Little – Trikke Dealer (AL)


I left feeling like I had great ideas for the future.
Spencer Davis – Educator (NC)


I loved every hour of the class! I give it a 10!
Maureen Rechner – Trikke Dealer (TX)


I learned a lot more in the short amount of time. I gained some valuable tools to take this to the next level.
Jeff Morgan – Midwest Trikke (IA)


I enjoyed all aspects of the program from the tech class to riding to marketing. It exceeded my expectations.
Nancy LaRue – Owner personal trainer studio (MN)


I was extremely impressed with the mission of the company and their “soft sell” approach. I also loved how the information from the ride to the business aspect was presented. Everything was very clear and concise, yet fun and personal. It went beyond my expectations.
Geri Briskey (IN)


[Trikke Academy] was better then I could have ever expected! I’m so happy we came. I learned so much and have so much more enthusiasm for the Trikke.
Jane Van Pelt (Canada)


The overall approach to sharing a fairly comprehensive approach to all aspects of the company, culture, and vehicles was a great experience. I feel confident to ride, teach, fix, and share the Trikke experience to anybody.
Buzz Harris (NV)


My expectations were exceeded. I left Academy very confident, as I now possess all the valuable tools needed to be a better rider, better teacher, sales, and service/repair person. I also left Academy with a greater understanding about products and the company itself.
Tom Aniano (PA)


The Academy was GREAT! In my opinion, the Trikke Academy should be a MUST for every Dealer, Distributor, or serious rider.
Mauricio Hernandez (Chile)


I was blown away at the future vision of Trikke – totally unexpected to hear of where Trikke Tech is aiming for in the area of urban transportation.
Kenny Mayne (MA)


I liked every minute of it!
Jim Lehor (CA)


How do I list just one thing that stood out the most? If I had to pick one it would be the ride/carve instruction. Having “gears” broken down will not only improve my carve but will 100% help me to be a great Trikke Trainer. I now have a wealth of knowledge no amount of video watching could have given me.
Donna Kasinec (OH)


I’m blown away!
Scott Beer (CA)


[To] meet such a great and professional people like Fred, Ann and Andy was an unforgettable experience. Also, [I enjoyed] sharing time with the students with different perspectives and interests, [yet] all of us [had] one [thing] in common: Trikke.
Marcela (Mexico)


What I liked most: the best way I can express this is to say that Academy is its own “sweet spot.” Everything comes together: aha moments, flow, endorphins, insights, community, and momentum – big time. Learning both riding and instruction from the point of view of one interested in Trikke really opened my eyes to the challenges and importance of Trikke Academy for safety, professionalism and effectiveness.
Shelly Cochran (CA)


I am certified through 12 organizations. Have been instrumental in designing certification programs. This one was by far one of the best in delivery, development, branding, & product info that I have participated in.
Rebecca Amelung – Owner Personal Training Studio (MO)


Over the course of 4 days, I really learned a lot about the Trikke business, community, what it means to be a Certified Trainer, and the responsibilities that come with the title.
Marcus (FL)


What Customers Say About Certified Trikke Trainers

I was finally able to find someone online to help me with training. I called Maureen Richner, and we made arrangements to meet at her home. After 45 minutes, I was riding comfortably.

It is by far the most WONDERFUL experience – and what a workout!! [Riding a Trikke vehicle] is much easier than I thought it would ever be. This is the most fun I have ever had and the best purchase I have ever made for the purpose of getting thorough a ‘workout.’

The one piece of advice I would offer anyone is to work with a Trainer before you ever step foot on the ‘Trikke.’ There is a rhythm or the “Sweet Spot”, it is awesome. I liken it to riding a motorcycle. . .with only two days of proper instruction, would have taken me 2 years on my own. With the ‘Trikke’ I struggled for a year trying to learn on my own and with as little as 45 minutes training, I was actually riding my ‘Trikke.’

Martha McCain (TX)


I sent you an email because I was so discouraged I couldn’t find a local trainer, etc. You forwarded it to Trainer, Jim Lehar, who was beyond awesome! I can’t praise him enough! I look forward to becoming a proficient enough rider to become a trainer myself.
A Satisfied Customer (USA)


I had been an avid carver for five years, but still hadn’t quite gotten the hang of riding my Trikke vehicles. I could make them go, but was always worn out after 30 minutes of riding – and climbing hills was next to impossible. Folks online said how easy it was for them to ride, so I knew there was more to it than I had discovered on my own or learned by watching videos. My best friend gave me a gift certificate for training from Certified Trainer Freddy Mercado. Not only did he give me amazing, simple riding pointers, but he masterfully tuned up my T12 (at no extra charge) during the training session! Now my carving vehicle rides like a dream, and I can carve SO much faster and more efficiently than ever before – and most hills are no problem. I am one happy client! Oh, and there are no other Certified Trainers near me, so I had to drive five hours each way to get to Freddy. Completely! Worth! It!
Elise B. (TX)


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