Tech Trick – Instant Parking Brakke!

Tech Trick – Instant Parking Brakke!

Here’s a handy MacGyver-style D.I.Y. parking brake.   …even when you don’t have “parking brakes”.

Most older model & economy model trikke vehicles do not have parking brakes, and so we’ve all had our CV run away from us or fall over because we were on an uneven surface.  Sometimes even a strong wind can cause the vehicle to roll away / roll over.
(And wouldn’t it be great if we could get it to Sit. …huh, maybe that’s called folding.  But I digress….)

When you have no way to lock the brakes, mishaps can happen.   

We’ve probably all gotten those promotional rubber band-style bracelets they give out at charitable events, promotions, etc.    Half the time we don’t even really wear them.  But now, you can put them to good use as a parking brake on any trikke vehicle. (see photos)

Normally, those bracelets are all a standard circumference, and can easily do a double wrap on most any handlebar grip.    Just keep one in your trikke bag (aka handlebar bag, fannypack, backpack, etc), OR keep one wrapped on the end of either one of your grips.   

You only need to use one of the wraps, which will have enough tension to hold the brake in a locked position so that you can take a drink of water, tie your shoe, or maybe just continue that conversation with the person who just asked you,… “Hey, what is that thing?!.”

parking brake 2


Just a strong rubber band will also work in a pinch, but those bracelets are often much stronger, and sometimes even have some UV protection built in, so it will last much longer.  

Don’t forget, it also offers the added benefit of letting you use it for the reason you picked it up in the first place, – to promote the charity, company, or organization that gave it to you.   

Hope that helps!   If you have any Tips, Tricks, or Techniques you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you!    

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