“TECH TIP” –   TIRES ADVICE… Under Pressure!

“TECH TIP” – TIRES ADVICE… Under Pressure!

 “TECH TIP” –   TIRES ADVICE… Under Pressure!

(Why tire pressure just became your new best friend.)

 Whether you’re a Trikke body powered or elekktrics-hybrid rider, tires & tire pressure could be one of the most influential elements of your Trikke riding experience.   For better mileage and less chance of a flat, keep back tires at a minimum of 80 lbs psi.  (Some very experienced riders out there have even been known to roll at a 90-95 psi.  Some even ride at a 100psi.   …but you didn’t hear that from me.)   This may mean a bit of a bumpier ride, but you’ll get a significant reduction in rolling resistance and make for a more efficient ride.   On front, stick to no more than 70-75 psi (…and I really do mean stick).   Higher pressure can often mean less traction, and the front wheel is the “business end” of any Trikke vehicle.  

 Why less chance of a flat?   Because there’s literally less tire actually touching the road.  Also, when trikke tire pressure is too low, the tube can move a little inside the tire.  Over time, that little bit of movement can create wear spots, most likely right near the tube stem where it exits the hole in the wheel.  That’s not only a reason to keep your tire pressure in the right range, but it’s also a reason to buy good quality tubes, which often offer a reinforced flange around the tube stem, protecting from that kind of friction wear.

 On the other hand….  If you’re a body-powered aficionado and you want to kick up your calorie expenditure (i.e. more workout in less time),  you can take some air out of the back tires to increase the rolling resistance.   (On fitness tires, do NOT go below 60 psi.  Oh… And don’t forget to pump them back up!)

* Please keep in mind that fitness tires (standard on all B.P.V.’s, and even on the Elekktric Pon-E Lite) are not considered “heavy duty” and are, therefore, more prone to flats from accidental punctures (….even from the tiniest of glass or metal fragments).  So, please be mindful of road debris, especially the shiny stuff.  

  (* IF you’re looking for quick & easy tire puncture repair, we’ve got great Self-Stick Flat Repair Kits available.  Stick them on, pump up, and off you go.)