Trikke Spotlight – Kimberly Myshka – Certified Trikke Dealer

Trikke Spotlight – Kimberly Myshka – Certified Trikke Dealer

Fun Q&A Profiles On Some Of The People Making a Difference in The Trikke World

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Meet Kimberly Myshka, owner of Arkansas Trikke….

Where are you located? Fayetteville AR 
What models of Trikke carving vehicles do you own?  Lol, nearly every version of every model of the BPVs & several EVs. Primary ride is a 2007 T12 named Gator
When & Why did you start your carving life / get into Trikke? Saw an infomercial long ago and was intrigued, then years later started seeing a Trikke CV being ridden on local trails as I walked. That Christmas I received cash from parents and in-laws and decided to spend it on a T78cs. It arrived in February and by March I knew that I wanted to be able to show others how to ride so by April I was at a Trikke Academy. I showed up there with little experience on a Trikke CV and even less technique but was hooked on the Trikke experience so I kept at it until I was both able to carve and able to show others how to carve. 
What are three words that describe you? odd, dependable, reserved
What is the last book you read & movie you watched? “The Little Engine That Could”
“Thomas & Friends: Curious Cargo” (If you want the last adult book & movie instead of the last book & movie, then it’s “Revelation” and “The Martian”, but those others really are the last ones) 
What is your greatest joy? Being in a place in life where I know that I am doing what I’m called to do and doing it well because my relationship with God and relationships with others are strong and my path is clear to see.
Intuition or rationale? rationale  
If you could give one piece of advice to your 10-year-old self, what would it be? Be strong more often instead of doing what’s expected 
Who would play You in the movie of your life? Mary Stuart Masterson (think Joon Pearl in “Benny & Joon” or Idgie Threadgoode in “Fried Green Tomatoes”)
In one sentence, what does the future of Trikke look like to you? A labor of love as we care for aging BPVs in an electric market.
What’s playing on your carving / trikke-ing soundtrack?  A playlist called “Energy” that’s a wide variety of contemporary christian artists
What is your favorite guilty pleasure? Ice cream, the real stuff, not the sugar free I’m supposed to eat
What do you have hidden under your bed? missing shoes and dog hair
Elvis or Sinatra? Elvis (bc as best I know, Frank doesn’t have a song about a hound dog)

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