Q&A with Gildo Beleski – Inventor of Trikke carving vehicles

Q&A with Gildo Beleski – Inventor of Trikke carving vehicles

Gildo Q_A resizeIt was a real treat during Trikke Academy in Las Vegas, NV (April 15th – 17th, 2016) to have a live video call with the legendary Gildo Beleski, the Brazilian founder, and CEO of Trikke, now based in Buellton, CA. It was great to see the brains behind the operation, set to the backdrop of the Trikke workshop, where miracles are made.

Gildo is both brilliant and personable, and we are proud to call him our leader. He’s a visionary with humility. And the take-aways from the conversation were illuminating. The attendees of Trikke Academy (TA) each submit a question for him:

TA: What is the #1 thing people ask you to add to the Trikke?

  • GB: It use to be a motor/battery back when we did not manufacture electrics.  Now it’s suspension, which we are working on.  Suspension is currently on our newly launched Police / Security vehicle called the defender we are testing to expand suspension to consumer vehicles.

TA: Do you see the battery industry standardizing?  

  • GB: No, but I see battery technology improving in the area of quick charge and becoming safer.  When cell phones first came out you would pull the battery off to charge it.  You possibly even had a spare to quick swap.  Now you can charge your cell phone in an hour.  Battery technology will become faster and more efficient.  Also, being able to discharge the battery so you can travel on an airplane.  If the battery is discharged then it’s safe, when you get to your destination then you charge it up.  This will not only allow for easy travel with batteries but also easier shipping.

TA: What was that feeling when you rode your completed Trikke for the first time?

  • GB: I designed and invented the first Trikke for downhill fun in Brazil so the Trikke that eventually came to market is very different then the first Trikke I created.  There was no self-propulsion.  It was only after, that I thought can I make this propel forward.  (I don’t recall if he answered the question as to how he felt)

TA: Will a Trikke be sturdy enough for rough roads like in a developing country?

  • GB: We are perfecting the Defender, which will be the ATV version of Trikke. I think it would withstand some poor road conditions.

And, for the most poignant Q&A of the session:

TA: If every country were to ban Trikke, what would you do?

  • GB: I can’t give up on Trikke.  I did that once for 7 years while in Brazil.  If Trikke was ban then I would still be making and designing Trikkes in my garage.  

The live video call with Gildo was impactful on a few levels.  As we indicated the final question reverberated.  It showed that Trikke for him is as much a passion as it is promotion.  So, the goal is to promote the passion.  It’s not the pursuit of sales, because passion sells itself.

by: Vivek Subramanian

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