Testimonials About
The Trikke National Riding Skkool

Superb skills of the instructors, everyone helping everyone to learn, super friendly people.

– Izabella Peszek, CO


Beyond expectations! the lessons and instructions were easy to understand. Practicing each technique was carefully watched, corrected or assisted with.

– Wilson Wong, CA


The instructions and demonstrations were very well done. I also appreciated having several trainers whose slightly different ways of saying things sometimes made the technique clearer to me.

– Martha Wheatly


Outstanding! You folks did as excellent job! The hotel was the nicest I’ve ever stayed in, far beyond what I would be willing to pay at normal prices.  Nice job of haggling on that discount. Riding space was great. Conference room was fine. The pool, while very inviting. All in all I think the Aliante will be hard to beat as long as they’re willing to keep the room prices low.

– Mark Hanebury


The best part was the people. The trainers and participants created a sense of community. Prior to the Skkool I felt like I was out there alone trying to learn to ride this peculiar machine. Now I am part of a group. I have already been in contact with some of the people I met there.

– Anonymous


Thanks so much for organizing the Riding Skkool in Chicago.   I learned a lot. I can’t think of any other product where it is possible to get such free access to the inventor / product developer and top trainers.  It defines the ultimate in customer-support.  It is impressive the way everyone was willing to flex and adapt so that people’s needs were met.

– Tony Ricketts, MI


Fred is always great, but it was really neat to meet Gildo and hear his story, see his passion for what he has invented and watch him manipulate a Trikke CV in unbelievable ways.

– Kimberly Myshka, AR


It was more then I expected.  I walked away with the ability to ride and the knowledge on what to do to improve.  Awesome!!!

– Anonymous


You guys really helped me turn the corner on this trikking business…and I am loving it. I have been out at least 45 minutes each night after work.  I just wanted you to know by the time I left I had turned a corner for the good…thanks so much…it was an overall great time.

– Sharon Shackelford, AR


It was better than expected.  The sessions in the parking lots were great.  Fred is a great trainer.   I had a great time at the Trikke Skkool – The Trikke is a big part of my life.  My thanks to all of you at Trikke.

– George Declercq, MI


It was evident you all put considerable effort into this  skkool.  I can’t remember the last time I had a more enjoyable weekend.  I’ve been a trikke addict now for three years, riding essentially in isolation from other trikke riders.   Last weekend I felt like I found a group of long lost family and friends I never knew I had.  Everyone was so friendly and personable. The entire weekend was so much fun and the activities were well planned. I just didn’t want the weekend to end. I’m so glad I attended the skkool.  The tips and advice Fred, Gildo and Rebecca gave me have helped me take my trikke riding enjoyment to a new level.

– Dean Gossett, IN


It was more then I expected.  I walked away with the ability to ride and the knowledge on what to do to improve.  Awesome!!!

– Anonymous


G was most interesting!  I really enjoyed hearing from him on development of Trikke.  Fred is an excellent Trikker, Instructor & he communicates well each learning objective.

– Tom Hurst, AZ


Since the Skkool I have lost 17 lbs and gone from a 38 to 34 waist. Love the training!

– Mark Steck, MO

Significantly exceeded my expectations. Not only did I get a lot to work on, I gained so much because the small class allowed much more direct contact.

– Rich Goff, CA


Not only met but exceeded on every level. Training, accommodations, wonderful vibe, throughout the weekend.

– Mike Case, CA


Trikke events always exceed my expectations. Having mostly whole group events but an opportunity for break outs with small class size and specialty training for one session was great.

– Kimberly Myshka, AR


This was excellent.  It flowed well no gliches, smooth.

– Anonymous