When you’re thinking of spending time, money and effort to attend an event like this, we know you have questions.

And each year, and each location, and even the theme will bring up different questions we’ve never had to deal with before.  Like… “How do you handle carpooling?”

So, here are a few of the ones we often get, from the pricing to more location-specific questions.

And we’ll keep adding more as we get them.   If you have a question, just ask.

How Do I Sign Up for the N.R.S. & What’s The Cost?

Start by filling out a QUESTIONNAIRE and telling us more about you and what you’re looking for in this much-anticipated, annual event.   Or just press the “Get Started” button below.

We have a one-on-one conversation /interview with anyone interested in taking part in this annual event.  Filling out the Questionnaire allows us to start off with some much needed info about you and, of course, your interest in Trikke.   We’re going to spend 3 days together, and the more we know about you, the better we can help you fulfill your intentions while there.  That’s what helps make it worth every penny.

How Much Is It To Attend?   Early Bird Special Rate:   $275.00    (Now till… May 1st!)

We value early commitment!  It helps us plan ahead.  There are also a lot of logistical considerations involved in trying to put together an event like this.   

Therefore, we want to say thank you by giving you this great rate for a great 3 day weekend!

So, there’s no excuse not to join us.  See you there!
(Check Out The N.R.S. QUESTIONNAIRE  To Get Started)

What if I’m a Not-So-Early Bird?

Chances are, if you’re booking this close to the event dates, we’re having to change and adjust things to make sure we can accommodate you and ensure a great experience for everyone.   So, like most event pricing, the Registration Fee goes up as you get closer to the event.   

 After May 1st, the cost to Register will be $325.00 till close of Registration.

What If I Want To Bring My Spouse Or My Child?

Add a spouse or child (over 16 y.o.) at these great rates…
Early Bird  Add-on:   $225.  /  Not-So-Early-Bird  Add-on:  $250. 


What if I’ve been to an NRS before?  Is there Special Pricing for NRS alumni?

Absolutely!  Previous National Riding Skkool guests receive up to a $50 discount off their Reg. Fee.
( Ask us for details!)


Is there Special Pricing for Certified Trikke Pros, Trainers, or Dealers?

Yes, please join us!    $175 – till May 1st     /     $200 – after May 1st


Where Is The N.R.S. Being Held?   Where do we stay?  Is it nice?

Our 9th Annual Trikke National Riding Skkool will be held in DENVER, CO.,  This will be our first time ever in Denver.  This will be a great location! And if you’ve never been to the MileHigh City, we are eager to show you that it’s also a Trikke-Friendly City! 


Special Trikke N.R.S. Room Block Rate:    $119.  p/night –  Includes full buffet Breakfast (including custom omelette bar!), WiFi access, etc.
   (Room Block is only reserved for a limited time.   So we encourage you to reserve your room today.  Cancelation policy 48 hours.)

(Check Out Our TRIKKE Group Booking Page)


Who Is The National Riding Skkool Geared Towards?

The National Riding Skkool accommodates riders of all levels.  From beginner to advanced, we have riding classes and technique to accommodate all skill levels.    

Want to learn about advanced Hill Climbing?  Or…. Can’t even make it go?  

There is something for everyone. Even advanced riders leave with some new tricks up their sleeve.  

You’ll also learn from your fellow NRS Attendees, as we all continue the Trikke journey together.  It’s just as much about participating in the Trikke community as it is about the skill set.   

We’re looking forward to riding with you! 

Full NRS Sat / Sun Daily Schedule, NRS Training Team info, etc., will be posted soon on the new Academy website. Stay tuned…


What If I Want To Bring The Kids?

When it comes to participating in the event…  You’re welcome to bring the kids and turn your trip into a family vacation.   All participants in the National Riding Skkool must be 16 years or older, with parent or guardian if under 18.   Don’t forget we also have a reduced rate for Kids & Spouses. 


Who Is Conducting The Workshops?

This is a riding training event organized by Trikke Academy. 

N.R.S. Classes will be taught by dedicated Trikke Trainers, including the Trikke Academy Director and staff.   

But, once again, please don’t underestimate what you can learn from your fellow Attendees, especially those who have come to an NRS or Riding Clinikk before.  Chances are, you’ll always meet someone who’s been riding for longer (and farther) than you.   But guess what?  You may also be a total inspiration to someone else.  So, step up and join us!


What’s Included in the N.R.S. Weekend?

  • Daily Group Riding Classes & Clinikks
  • Daily Group Rides, Instructional Excursions  
  • Complimentary Trikke Swag Bag
  • New adventures, and plenty of “social hangtime” gatherings with new friends.


What is an “Instructional Excursion”?

Good Question!   There are lots of ways to teach proper riding skills, which typically means “working the cones” in a parking lot or other riding space.   And we’ll have plenty of that at the NRS!   But we will also be heading to a cool, St. Louis location each day, where we we will get chance to not only have organized riding classes, but also “on-trail” instruction while we explore awesome Trikke riding locations in the Gateway city.   (Oh… And yes, there will be time for lunch.)


Do I Need To Bring My Trikke?

If you can bring your vehicle with you easily, then we suggest you do so.   For those of you who cannot, or it’s too expensive, etc., Rental vehicles will be available for $60.00 for the entire weekend.     (*Rentals are based on availability, so the sooner we know, the better.  Rental fee will be charged at the event during Registration.)   

If you are considering purchasing a Trikke vehicle anyway, your trip to the NRS may be a good time to do that.
There will be an NRS discount available and we’ll have your vehicle shipped in and waiting for you at the event.  It’s also a good time to get your new ride dialed in.
(Ask us for more details.) 

Please bring your own helmet.  Helmets will be required during all riding.



Why Denver, Colorado?   

  Well, first off, we’ve never been to the Mile High City.   We typically like to stick with locations where we “know the terrain”, like Las Vegas or St. Louis, both of which are regional Academy locations.   But every new city is an opportunity.  And every new city is a challenge as well, which is why it’s also important to have boots on the ground.  This year, we’re joining up with Trikke Trainers, Richard & Sheri Moore, who are just getting started with Mile High Trikke in Denver to offer riding adventures all throughout Colorado.   And the 9th Annual National Riding Skkool should get them started with a bang.

So, when are you coming to… _____?
      (City, State, Zip Code  – fill in the blank)   

   Many people want to know when we’re coming to their city.  Basically…. “When are you coming to me?”
It’s a good question.   Not a very realistic question.  But, a good question nonetheless.
The truth is we can’t realistically travel to a new city every year.   Choosing a new city is a bit of an experiment every time.
So, being able to go back to a place you know, – where you, “Know Your Terrain”  (a key principal of the Trikke ride)  ….makes it easier and often times, a better experience for everyone.
   We understand.  Not everyone can take the time, energy and money to travel and take part in an event like this, even if it is centered around something they love, – let alone, doing it every year.   Location is such an important factor when it comes to holding a riding event like this.
   And if improving your Trikke skills can be an incentive to check out a cool city you’ve never been to, then all the better.
So, hopefully, timing and location will synch up and you’ll be able to join us!

What if I already ride pretty dog-gone well?

How well DO you ride?  …And how do you know?
If, for the most part, you’ve only ever ridden by yourself, it’s kind of hard to know if you’re any good, or how to improve and get the most out of your Trikke vehicle.   Improving your riding skills, and learning from others is the best way to broaden your Trikke life.
Whether you’re into it for the fitness or the fun, the annual NRS event was developed to offer a comprehensive training schedule and environment to help you learn the most you can, and connect you with others who are probably into it for the same reasons you are.

Every Trikke National Riding Skkool includes…
1. Riding Evaluation & Testing
2. Hands-On Riding Instruction / Classes for all Levels
3. Collaboration & Community


 Have More Questions?

If you still have more questions then just send us an email or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!