Have Your Carving Vehicle Come To Attention!   (…How To Do A Stand Up Fold)

Have Your Carving Vehicle Come To Attention! (…How To Do A Stand Up Fold)


“Have Your Carving Vehicle Come To Attention!   (…How To Do A Stand Up Fold)”    

Whenever we do a Trikke Academy event at a hotel, we’re normally in some form of conference room, and I can tell you from experience, they come in all different shapes and sizes.    We’ve stayed in some pretty fancy places  But what some hotels call a conference room, I call a basement.    

And, by the time everyone arrives, some with more than one vehicle, that room is not looking quite as big as it did in the pictures.  So…  Whatever is a Trikke Instructor to do when you have way too many 3 wheeled carving thingies littering up a perfectly nice conference room?    

Whether you’re traveling or visiting your friend’s new studio apartment, dealing with limited space is a challenge.  Even when folded, you don’t want your “lifestyle accessory” to be a nuisance, taking up valuable floor space.   Here’s a Tip-Trickk-Technique that will make your CV act more like an art piece than a vehicle.  

20160517_131023On most Trikke vehicles, simply extending the handlebars -often to the 3rd or 4th pin from the bottom- will allow you to stand it up like a slim tripod.   As long as the handlebars are even with the back wheels, you can pick up the front wheel and make your vehicle come to attention.  

Depending on the angle your handlebars are set to, the pin hole may not be exactly at the right spot and it may end up looking more like the leaning tower of Pisa.   If so, just move it off the pin to wherever makes it stand straight, and then tighten down the quick release clamp. (…which is really what holds the handlebars where you want them anyway.  Relying solely the pin is a bad idea.)  20160517_130420 

 (Keep in mind, there are some iterations of the T12 that, sadly, just won’t go there. The handlebars just don’t come up far enough.  If you have bar-ends, that normally does the trickk. …so to speak.)  

You can even do it with Trikke Elekktrics. You will most likely have to re-orient the throttle so that the lenses aren’t facing the floor.   It’s also best to have the battery out, making it less top heavy.

Just don’t forget to put your handlebars back to your preferred riding position before you take off on a ride.    


Ironically, any Trikke Professional will tell you that a folded CV standing up on its own normally gets just as much attention as one that’s unfolded, ready to ride.

So, try it next time you need some extra floor space.  And when someone asks you, “Hey, what is that thing?”,  you can just tell them it’s a work of art.  

And, actually… You’d be right.