Here’s how you get started with any of the Trikke Academy programs offered:

  • First – Fill out a short
  • Second – We’ll schedule a call with the Academy Director, Fred Welch
  • Third – Reserve your spot with a $150 deposit. We’ll finalize your registration and send email confirmation with event details.


Basic Trikke Academy Course “Certified Trikke Professional”

(Friday & Saturday: 2 day class schedule BPV / EV -riding -tech -classroom)
Cost = $695

(Sign up for the October St. Louis Academy by August 1st and receive $150 off)

 “Bring a Guest” Program

Bring guest for only $150 – Fri-Sat only

Advanced Certification Courses (Sunday/optional)

“Certified Trikke Trainer” = $150 (4 Hrs – course test required)

Beginner – Advance Riding Clinikks:

Just looking for body-powered riding instruction.  You may sing up for our Riding Clinikks which are conducted during our Academy basic tech training.

Open to all Non-Academy Attendees – Learn more & Register

Beginner / Intermediate (Saturday A.M. 1.5 hrs) = $95
Advanced Riding and/or Hill Climbing* (Sunday afternoon 1.5 hr) = $95
(*Hill Climbing dependent on location access to a hill. Email to inquire if the location you’re interested will have an Advanced Hill Climbing Clinikk)

Payment Plan available!

 How it works:

  • $150 deposit at registration
  • Half of the total tuition (minus deposit) due 1 week before the Academy training
  • Balance due in 1 or 2 installments (4-8 weeks)
  • No Interest

Early Bird Discounts!

Sign up 6 weeks in advance for any of our locations and receive your choice of the following Thank you gifts!

  • $100 off registration
  • Bring a Guest for free ($150 value)
  • Receive a T7 Fitness Trikke ($175 value)

Why Become an Advocate for Trikke Carving Vehicles?

As a company founded on one guy’s passion to bring the carving experience to the world, we obviously feel there’s nothing wrong with earning money doing something you love. As a matter of fact, many would argue that it’s actually the best way.

Yet, every Trikke enthusiasts has a different background and a different story to tell, along with a different motivation /intention for getting involved

But, they all have one thing in common; the desire for community, founded in the appreciation of what the Trikke experience has brought to their lives.

It is because of this that many have chosen /are choosing to help build and nurture the Trikke community, one new rider at a time.

So, whether it was for the business opportunity, or strictly the passion for the movement, you should know that it has been the hard, boots-on-the-ground work of individuals in their neighborhoods helping keep this company afloat during a long and difficult recession. Let’s face it, this has been through regular rides /riding. But, it has also been through sales. Yes, sales. And with that, the bringing new riders into the fold.

Whether you are just looking to take your riding to the next level, or create a broader connection with the company, the Trikke Academy will help.