Here’s how you get started with Trikke Academy to become a Certified Trikke Professional:

3 Easy Steps…

  • FIRST – Fill out our Academy Questionnaire so we can get to know a little more about you.
  • SECOND – We’ll schedule a call with the Academy Director, so you can ask questions, get feedback, and learn more about the program to see if it’s right for you.
  • THIRD – $150 deposit will then reserve your spot at one of the Academy dates/locations offered.  We’ll then finalize your registration & send email confirmation with event details.

Tuition Cost:

Basic Trikke Academy Course for “Certified Trikke Professionals”

Tuition = $495

2-Day  Saturday/Sunday Class Schedule  (Riding /Tech /Classroom)

     (Feel free to ask us about any discounts or incentives that may be applicable.)

 “Bring a Guest!” Program

Bring a guest to the whole event for only $150.  Whether it’s your spouse, a friend, or your potential business partner, it’s a great way to experience a full weekend of all things Trikke with someone you care about and who cares about you.  Your guest may participate in all aspects of your Academy weekend, including all riding classes.   Feel free to touch base with us with any questions.

Advanced Certification Courses

Both Certified “Trikke TRAINER”  &  “TECH Pro”  designations require additional training & certification requirements.
 (Ask us for details.)

Beginner to Advanced Riding Clinikks:

Just looking for body-powered riding instruction…?
Consider signing up for any of our 3Hr Riding Clinikks which are conducted during Trikke Academy dates at all regional locations.   Beginner to Intermediate.
Open to all non-Academy Attendees, including guests.   (Learn more & Register)

Payment Plan Available!

 How it works:

  • Only $250 to Register
  • Balance to be paid in 2 installments, starting 30 days post your Academy session
  • Trikke Pro commission benefits begin upon completion.
  • $35 fee required
  • Total tuition costs:  $530

Early Bird Payment Discount!

Pay your Academy tuition in full 6 weeks in advance of your Academy session dates, and receive your choice of the following Thank you gifts!  (Applicable at any of our regional Academy locations.)

  • $50 off tuition
  • Bring a Guest for 1/2 off (a $75 value)

Why Become A Brand Representative For Trikke Carving Vehicles?

Here are some thoughts…
As a company founded on one guy’s passion to bring the carving experience to the world, we obviously feel there’s nothing wrong with earning money doing something you love.
As a matter of fact, many would argue that it’s actually the best way.

Is it right for you?  Well, that’s for you to decide. But the journey of a thousand miles still begins with the first step.  (…or carve, as the case may be.)

  • The costs are reasonable.
  • We don’t have hidden fees.
  • We don’t have minimum sales quotas.
  • And we are also not one of those multi-level marketing schemes.

The Trikke Certified Program & Network of Trikke Professionals is our way of spreading the word about Trikke from the ground up.

Let’s face it…  If you’re reading this, you probably know that Trikke is the best kept secret on the planet.   And sales means new riders.    So, we want your help to spread the word.
…and if 20% Commission & Discount on your own purchases helps you make that decision, that’s fine by us.

Every Trikke lover who decides to Step Up and represent does so for their own reasons, and with their own intentions.   Each has a different background and a different story to tell, along with a different motivation /intention for getting involved.

So, whether you’re looking for the business opportunity, or strictly indulging your passion for the movement and the machine, you can start by filling out the Questionnaire and see if the program is right for you.  Or, book your

If you’re into Trikke, you will love becoming part of the Trikke Certified Program /Network.
And you will certainly be prepared when the next person asks you….

“HEY!  What is that thing??”

             (Check out our Academy FAQ’s page for more info.)