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Next Trikke Academy  – St. Louis, MO – Oct 7th – 9th

Next Trikke Academy – St. Louis, MO – Oct 7th – 9th

Announcing or date for the 2nd Trikke Academy in St. Louis, MO (our new Trikke Academy hub) this fall…. October 7th – 9th.

The Trikke Academy training will be hosted at the Comfort Inn – Westport.  We have secured a reduced room rate for our guest and the hotel offers many nice amenities to help make your trip comfortable and convenience.  Only 9 miles from the St. Louis international airport this location is convenient for all travelers.  The hotel also offers a complimentary airport shuttle and a complimentary shuttle within a 2-mile radius, so you don’t need to rent a car.  Unless you’re planning to turn this trip into a little vacation, tack on some extra days and enjoy all the St. Louis has to offer.

The Trikke Academy training event is for those looking to get into the business of Trikke on whatever level is comfortable and convenient.  We have 3 different training programs:

Certified Trikke Professional / Sales Rep – allows you to earn a straight commission on all your sales.  No inventory or location required.

Certified Trikke Trainer / Sales Rep – also earns a straight commission on all sales but in addition, they are able to offer Trikke riding training and charge for it.  No inventory or location required

Certified Trikke Dealer – Can run an approved mobile operation, a brick, and mortar store, and / or a Tours and / or Rentals operation.  Inventory is required and all sales earn a margin.  If a Certified Dealer does not have a product in stock they can always process a drop ship order as a Sales Rep and earn a commission.

 We’ll schedule a call with you and Fred Welch, The Academy Director.  If after that call you’d like to reserve a spot for one of our Academies you’ll simply submit a $150 deposit and a confirmation email will be sent.

We’ll see you in St. Louis!



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St Louis Trike


The first Trikke Academy for 2016 is now in the books, and coming up this June, it will be time for the new Trikke Academy hub to kick off in St Louis.  

Hey, it’s Bill Smith, the new Director for the Midwest Regional Trikke Academy, and I want you to “Meet Me In St. Louis!”  

  (….OK, OK, I may not be a pretty as Judy Garland.  BUT, St. Louis is still the place to meet if you’re looking for a great city to have a “Carve it up” Trikke event!)

Two years ago, I dove into the Trikke Tours arena, and this is now my second season having my own business, offering guided tours all around the greater St. Louis area with Trikke STL Guided Tours.   

Several of us throughout the country are dedicated to turning our city into a trikke-friendly place, where our beloved 3 wheeled contraptions are not only “allowed”, but embraced.  

I have completely enjoyed introducing people to my faire city, and the easy ways to navigate your way through this historical place.  And I’d be honored to do the same for you.   

Over the last 10 years, Trikke Academies have been held all over the country.  Some places have certainly been more hospitable than others.   But, along with Las Vegas, I think St. Louis was a great choice for Trikke Academy to put down some roots and call home.

Why?  Because we’re smack dab in the middle of the country.  An easy flight and a manageable drive from anywhere in the midwest.  

And whether you’re coming for a Trikke event, or just a visit, there are countless things to go do and enjoy, either before or after your Academy experience….  


St. Louis Trikke fun

Lake Forest Park, which was voted best urban park by USA Today.  It is 500 acres BIGGER than NYC’s Central Park and has 2 FREE museums, including one that was there to welcome the 1904 World’s Fair.  With miles and miles of paved trails and countless places to explore and discover throughout, Forest Park alone is worth the trip as a great place to play on 3 wheels.   (All I can say is there’s a reason the very first National Riding Skkool was held right here, with Forest Park as the carving playground.)

If you’ve got kids, the St. Louis Zoo is located right in the Park, and is considered to be in the Top Five Zoos in the country.  AND!  It’s free to walk with the animals.    (…Notice I said “walk”.  I’m afraid you’ll have to leave your trikke at the door.  🙂   

Should I go on?

You a baseball fan?…

We also have the World Champion Cardinals and Busch Stadium is in the heart of Downtown, St. Louis.

If music is your thing…

Our brand new Blues Museum showcases the long, rich history of blues music in this country.

Maybe you’re a foodie?…

St. Louis is also the land of “Toasted Ravs”  (i.e. fried raviolis made with either beef, veal, or a mixture of both.)  They are St. Louis’ gift to the world!  Embrace them.   Did I mention great, competition-style BBQ?   White Castle?  And the home of “Panera”, which we stubbornly refer to by its proper name — “St. Louis Bread Company” — and refuse to do otherwise.

 (But you may want to plan on doing a little extra carving to work it all off. )

And if you want to see a real American treasure, go see the beautiful Budweiser Clydesdales, at the Budweiser Brewery.


Bill Smith

All of that, and more.  PLUS, of course, the main reason for a Trikke fan to come to St. Louis, the Trikke Academy!

So, this is your invitation to come carve in the “Gateway City”, in the footprint of the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, and our new, mid-west regional location for Trikke Academy.

Looking forward to meeting YOU in St. Louis!


Register – St. Louis Academy – June 10th – 12th

Join Certified Trikke Professionals and Certifid Trikke Trainers from all over he country.  Meet us in St. Louis, June 10th – 12th


“TECH TIP” –   TIRES ADVICE… Under Pressure!

“TECH TIP” – TIRES ADVICE… Under Pressure!

 “TECH TIP” –   TIRES ADVICE… Under Pressure!

(Why tire pressure just became your new best friend.)

 Whether you’re a Trikke body powered or elekktrics-hybrid rider, tires & tire pressure could be one of the most influential elements of your Trikke riding experience.   For better mileage and less chance of a flat, keep back tires at a minimum of 80 lbs psi.  (Some very experienced riders out there have even been known to roll at a 90-95 psi.  Some even ride at a 100psi.   …but you didn’t hear that from me.)   This may mean a bit of a bumpier ride, but you’ll get a significant reduction in rolling resistance and make for a more efficient ride.   On front, stick to no more than 70-75 psi (…and I really do mean stick).   Higher pressure can often mean less traction, and the front wheel is the “business end” of any Trikke vehicle.  

 Why less chance of a flat?   Because there’s literally less tire actually touching the road.  Also, when trikke tire pressure is too low, the tube can move a little inside the tire.  Over time, that little bit of movement can create wear spots, most likely right near the tube stem where it exits the hole in the wheel.  That’s not only a reason to keep your tire pressure in the right range, but it’s also a reason to buy good quality tubes, which often offer a reinforced flange around the tube stem, protecting from that kind of friction wear.

 On the other hand….  If you’re a body-powered aficionado and you want to kick up your calorie expenditure (i.e. more workout in less time),  you can take some air out of the back tires to increase the rolling resistance.   (On fitness tires, do NOT go below 60 psi.  Oh… And don’t forget to pump them back up!)

* Please keep in mind that fitness tires (standard on all B.P.V.’s, and even on the Elekktric Pon-E Lite) are not considered “heavy duty” and are, therefore, more prone to flats from accidental punctures (….even from the tiniest of glass or metal fragments).  So, please be mindful of road debris, especially the shiny stuff.  

  (* IF you’re looking for quick & easy tire puncture repair, we’ve got great Self-Stick Flat Repair Kits available.  Stick them on, pump up, and off you go.)