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Help Us Decide – 6th National Riding Skkool in St. Louis?

Help Us Decide – 6th National Riding Skkool in St. Louis?


I’m afraid that location arrangements for this year’s National Trikke Riding Skkool have all gone awry.  It was to be announced for later this year.  But, sad to say it, sometimes, things just aren’t how they seem.  

Therefore, we are considering, either cancelling the NRS for this year, or doing a last minute switch and have it to coincide with the Academy in St. Louis, – on the weekend of June 11th & 12th.

With only a little over 4 weeks remaining, which is not much time for guests to plan, we need to hear from you.   

If we receive a minimum of 10 sign ups, …It’s On.   AND…

As a thank you, everyone who fills out the registration form and submits a deposit within the next week will receive a sizable discount.

However, if we receive less than 10, we will refund all deposits and will continue with plans for next year’s N.R.S.  (To be announced later this year.)  

We will make that decision beginning of next week, so please let us know if you can take part in what has become a cherished event in the Trikke community.  

If you would like to register for this year’s Trikke National Riding Skkool, simply fill out this form.

A $50 deposit is required.  If this event is cancelled, full refund of deposits will be issued.

The full 2 days of training is $350 with a $50 deposit.  Register by Wednesday, May 18th and you’ll register at the discounted price if $250  This includes all of the classes for Saturday & Sunday in addition to the hosted reception, goodie bag, and a special addition 6th National Riding Skkool shirt.

St. Louis is the home of our very first National Riding Skkool which was so much fun and a big success.  Check out some photos from the 1st National Riding Skkool in St. Louis the summer of 2010.


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NRS 2015 Recap and Gallery

NRS 2015 Recap and Gallery

“Trikkers… Start Your Carving!”

That was the call out on Saturday, Aug. 15 2015 as we all prepared to roll onto the storied oval of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

And what a monumental weekend it was!

Each year, Trikke Academy hosts the National Riding Skkool in a different location, each location providing its own unique experience and charm.

This year, we were honored to host the N.R.S in Indianapolis, Indiana! We want to send out a three-armed Thank You hug to all who attended.

Having 66 Trikkes carve around the Indy track (umm… the Indy Trakk) together was not only fun, it was inspiring!

Luckily, we were also able to offer some pre-track riding instruction both on Friday and Saturday for anyone not attending the NRS. So, everyone was able to get their riding game on early.

Hope to see you at the next National Riding Skkool!

We’ll be announcing the 2016 N.R.S. date and location soon.

Stay tuned!

Expectations were exceeded! I know what I can work on to make the carve beneficial. I’m just thrilled my daughter Cassie can now carve. She is so excited! Cassie actually took her Trikke home! She is now carving on the paths in her neighborhood. (Cassie received the Trikke as a Xmas gift several years ago and it’s been hanging in my garage!) I now have a partner!

Read More Testimonials from the 2015 N.R.S.

2014 Locations

2014 Locations

Trikke Academy events for 2014

Date Event Type Location
March 28th-30th Trikke Academy Las Vegas, NV
March 29th 3 Hr. Riding Clinikk Las Vegas, NV
June 7th & 8th  5th National Riding Skkool Branson, MO
June 13th – 15th Trikke Academy Branson, MO
August Trikke Academy TBD
August 3 Hr. Riding Clinikk TBD
October 10th – 12th Last Trikke Academy of the Year Las Vegas, NV
October 11th & 12th Carving Clinikk Weekend Las Vegas, NV


The links below provide helpful information about the courses above.

Trikke Academy offers three program types depending on your level of interest and long term Trikke goals:

Certified Trikke Trainer / Sales Rep
Certified Trikke Dealer

Certified Sales Rep

Here’s how you get started and register for any of the three programs offered:

  • First – Fill out a short Questionnaire
  • Second – We’ll schedule a call with the Academy Director, Fred Welch 
  • Third – Decide which program you’d like to sign up fo
  • Fourth – Finalize the application & submit the deposit

We’ll then finalize your registration and send you confirmation via email.

  • Learn More – Learn what we offer and how you can become a part of it.
  • Visit our FAQs – Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Trikke Academy program.
  • Testimonials – See what our clients have to say about our training courses.
  • Riding Clinikk  – Learn more about our Riding Clinikk course.
  • Riding Clinikks Weekend  – Review the details for upcoming weekend riding adventure.
  • Sample 3 day Academy Schedule (Coming soon) Check out what your Trikke Academy schedule may look like (actual schedules vary based on the needs of the class).   



Trikke Academy – March 28th – 30th – Las Vegas, NV   

This is our First Academy of the Year! 

Our first Academy of the year will be held in fabulous Las Vegas, NV at the same location of our Last Academy of the year.  If this Academy is anything like our Last 2013 Academy of the year then you’re in for a great time.  You may want to reserve your spot early.

– over 70,000 square feet of riding space…
– spectacular views of both the mountains and the Vegas strip
– multiple ramps for a variety of hill climbing workshops
– evening social time with other riders from all over the world

That’s right… This location is our very own Trikke sports complex!

 We will have some of our most experienced Certified Trikke Trainers auditing and participating.  It’s a nice way to connect with others, and get some “boots-on-the-ground” perspective.

Get Started


National Trikke Riding Skkool – June 7th & 8th – Branson, MOFor the first time we’re hosting the National Riding Skkool in Branson Missouri. Branson, MO it’s about as centralized as we could get.   

Branson offers a lot of fun activities besides meeting, socializing, and stepping up your Trikke skills with enthusiast from all over the country.  

Branson’s #1 attraction for over 50 years, this internationally-awarded 1880s-style theme park treats guests to an experience unlike any other. Nestled amidst the naturally beautiful Ozark Mountains, Silver Dollar City features six world-class festivals, a dozen delightful restaurants, 40 live shows daily and 60 unique shops.   Known as the Home of American Craftsmanship…Where Shopping is an Adventure, you can meet over 100 craftsmen demonstrating the art of woodcarving, glass blowing, pottery, blacksmithing and so much more! Silver Dollar City features over 30 thrilling rides and attractions, including spine-tingling coasters, interactive family adventures and play areas just for little ones!  Come experience the fun!

Discounted room block of $88 (block info provided after registration is finalized)
Learn more about the N.R.S. , see who is coming, check out the schedule, etc.



 Trikke Academy – June 13th & 15th – Branson, MO

We’ll be following up our National Riding Skkool with a Trikke Academy the following weekend, same location.  This is the first time we are hosting an Academy in Branson, MO. Having an Academy right in the middle of the country will allow for easier travel no matter where you are.

Interested in doing both the Riding Skkool and the Academy?  Discounts are available when signing up for back to back weekend.

Download an application and register.
Discounted room block of $88 (block info provided after registration is finalized)

Get Started




This is the Last Academy of the Year!

What started in Vegas will end in Vegas!  The last Academy of 2014 will be held in fabulous Las Vegas, NV at the same location as our first Academy of the year.  The last Academy of the year is always a great time!

In conjunction with the Trikke Academy course, we will host our 3rd All Riding Clinikks Weekend on Saturday and Sunday, October 11th-12th. The Riding Clinikks will be conducted by some of the best Certified Trainers in the country.

Why attend this Academy?

  • We have arranged for a block of hotel rooms at the beautiful Aliante Hotel to be available at a special rate.
  • We have over 70,000 square feet of riding space for our carving pleasure. That’s right, this location is our very own Trikke sports complex!
  • You’ll have spectacular views of he mountains and the famous Las Vegas strip.
  • We have multiple ramps for a variety of hill-climbing workshops. (This is a rare find, folks!)
  • You can spend the evenings socializing and carving with other riders from all over the world.
  • Some of our most experienced Certified Trikke Trainers will be auditing and participating in this weekend’s courses. This Academy offers a unique opportunity to connect with established Trainers and get some “boots-on-the-ground” perspective.
  • And the piece de resistance: Saturday evening Trikke Rink! Remember how you begged your mom to take you to the roller rink when you were a kid? Well, imagine that kind of fun, except with trikkes! This is the only Academy in which we offer the Trikke Rink – it’s a great way to socialize, try out your brand new skills, and have a great time with fellow carvers.

Get Started


We we will also offer a wide variety of riding clinikk classes on Saturday and Sunday, October 10th-11th.  That’s two whole days of specialized Riding Clinikk workshops!  This Clinikk’s Weekend allows us to cater to all riding levels.  From the brand new rider to the most experienced.  Your 2 days of classes is designed to provide you the training you need based on where you’re at.  Learn more about the Riding Clinikks Weekend,  
click here.


Our students tell us that they chose which Academy course to attend based on a variety of factors, including: 

  • Time of year/season
  • Proximity to a Trikke dealer
  • The appeal of the city in which the course is held

Other factors to consider are:

  • Timing – Which course best fits your calendar?   
  • Plus-one – Do you want to bring your spouse, close relative, business partner, etc.? 
  • Hotel price/package – You are never obligated to stay at the hotel we recommend, but that hotel is often the site of some (if not all) of the class(es). If you do not stay at the hotel we choose, you may need to make sure you have transportation to and from it (or make sure you are within trikking distance).
  • Rental car – Whenever possible, we choose a hotel that is close enough to an airport that a shuttle or taxi can provide inexpensive transportation to the Academy location.  Be sure to ask if your hotel offers shuttle service! 
  • Driving to Academy – Do you live within driving distance of the Academy site? If so, you’ll have built-in wheels while you’re there, and you can bring your own trikke! 
  • Class size – We limit Academy classes to a maximum of 18 students, including guests. If class size is important to you, feel free to ask us how many students have enrolled in the course you’re interested in. (There are advantages to both bigger and smaller classes.) 

Academies are not “cookie cutter” experiences.  Each location is different and plays a role in the flow, the tone, and even the class schedule.  If you have any questions regarding the location or the Trikke Academy program please contact us.



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2012 Trikke Academy Locations

2012 Trikke Academy Locations

Our 2012 Trikke Academy Events have come to a close.  We would like to Thank All of you that Stepped up and either became a Certified Trikke Trainer or Dealer, participated in our National Riding Skkool, The Skki Inn, or one of our Riding Clinikk events.  We enjoyed meeting each and everyone of you.  We also enjoyed helping you kick it up a notch with your passion and love of Trikke.  We ask that you get out there and spread the carving bug in your neighborhood.

We are looking forward to seeing you all again as well as meeting new Trikke Enthusiast in 2013.

If you haven’t already, please consider the following:

Join the

LSM Movement – Find a ride in your area or start your own.
Join Trikke Academy Facebook page – meet other Trikke Enthusiast just like yourself from all over the world.

Subscribe to

Trikke World Magazine – The place to get your Trikke fix!

Our 2013 schedule will be announced soon.





SKKI INN – Location TBA – Feburary 5th – 10th 2013 ( date is subject to change)


4th ANNUAL NATIONAL RIDING SKKOOL – Las Vegas, NV – March 16th – 17th 2013

FIRST TRIKKE ACADEMY OF THE YEAR – Las Vegas, NV – March 22nd – 24th





Learn More About the Program           Visit our FAQ’s            Download a Trainer application

Riding Clinikk  Testimonials   2012 Pricing & Discount Structure


Academy locations are chosen based on a variety of factors:   interest /  season /  dealer location /  “destination location”  / etc


Some things to consider are:


– Which best fits your calendar?   Do you want to bring your spouse, close relative, business partner, etc??


– Hotel price /package. – You are never obligated to stay in the chosen hotel.  Since that is often where at least some of the classes are held, you may need to make sure you are within trikking distance, or have transportation to and from.


– Will you even need a rental car anyway? – We often choose a hotel that is close enough to an airport that a shuttle or taxi may be less expensive.  A shuttle may also be provided by the hotel.


– Within driving distance?  (You’ll have wheels while you’re there, and can BYOtrikke.)


We keep Academy classes to a maximum of 25 sign-ups/people, — plus guests.   Class size does vary based on a variety of factors.   Please call to see if we are sold out  /at capacity /full.   There are advantages to both bigger and smaller classes.


Academies are not cookie cutter.  Each location is different, and definitely plays a role in the flow, the tone, and even the schedule.  If you have any questions regarding these locations or the program please contact us.















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