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The Slogan Wars…. What Does a Company’s Slogan Really Say?

The Slogan Wars…. What Does a Company’s Slogan Really Say?

What a company says about their product or, more importantly, themselves, can be communicated in a whole lotta ways.
It might be in the look and feel they create in their brand, or even in how they behave, like charitable contributions and such.   But there is no more direct way to communicate than the slogan.
Trikke has had a lot of slogans over the years.  Most of the people reading this week’s Trikke Tuesday Newsletter will probably remember several of them.
Let’s see, there was…
Drive Your Fitness Machine“.
Trikke.  It’s Your Move
Here’s an oldie…  “Trikke  …Rock & Roll !
And one of my personal favorites from my own Trikke sensei, John Simpson….
 “Drives like a sports car.  Folds like an umbrella.  Smart.”  
It captures exactly how I feel about that elekktric machine.  And, therefore, the company that makes them.
You probably have your own personal favorite.  It may be whatever was on deck at the time you got into Trikke.  Maybe it helped motivate you.  Or, maybe you’re just reading some of these for the first time.
Either way, a slogan is intended to resonate with both, a company’s current customers, and their future customers.  Whoever that is.  (…and unless they’re spending a lot of dollars to hire some consulting firm, it’s the company’s job to figure that out too.)   
For now, I’m just going to talk about one of them because I think it best defines the Trikke experience.  It also happens to explain why we’re still here.
“It’s Your Move.”   
We all talked long and hard about this one. There were several others on the table, each having their upsides / downsides.
This one was not very promotional. More thought provoking really.
It’s a bit simplistic.   But that can be a good thing.
But the kicker was, it was also a C.T.A., a “call to action”.  Please do this now.
Let’s face it, when it comes to Trikke, from the moment you make your buying decision, there are still many calls to action left to come.
When it comes to the body powered motion, for example.  You don’t have to practice.  You really don’t.   But you’ll also never have the joy of competency and the confidence that only comes from making it a practice.  It’s your move.
Your elekktric takes little effort to ride, or you can choose to get deeper into it and “pon-e” up some body powered effort.  It’s your move.
You don’t have to invest your money or your time in this machine that can truly be trans-formative to both, you and your lifestyle.  It’s your move.
But if you do, it actually will be trans-formative.  …and you will benefit.  …please do this now. …and please do it for you.
That’s a pretty good call to action.
When it comes to my involvement, my efforts, even what I’m passionate about in the Trikke world, it is really all about that.  Helping people make their move.
As I said, it explains why we’re still here.  I’ve watched people’s eyes light up enough times – I mean truly light up – that it continues to inspire me and make me want to pay it forward.  Cause I felt the same thing. And I continue to feel it.
As with anything, the more comfortable you get, “Ah ha” moments become fewer and farther between.  But they are there.   Invest the time.  Go get them.
We haven’t had the easiest time introducing people to an entirely new way to move.   It’s hard.  Even something you think might be simple, like communicating your brand, your vision, – what you’re trying to do…  It’s hard.
So, whether you’re just now considering taking the plunge and buying the dang thing,  or you’re considering truly making it a part of your life & lifestyle,
or – like myself, and many others out there – you are deciding to “promote the product”, and help build a company…  the old adage remains true.
When something is harder to come by, when you have to work for it, it can also make it all the more valuable.
Either way.  It’s your move.

Fred Welch
Dir. Trikke Academy / National Trainer Program
Dir. Urban Mobility Initiative
Trikke Spotlight – Kimberly Myshka – Certified Trikke Dealer

Trikke Spotlight – Kimberly Myshka – Certified Trikke Dealer

Fun Q&A Profiles On Some Of The People Making a Difference in The Trikke World

102315 download 038 - Copy

Meet Kimberly Myshka, owner of Arkansas Trikke….

Where are you located? Fayetteville AR 
What models of Trikke carving vehicles do you own?  Lol, nearly every version of every model of the BPVs & several EVs. Primary ride is a 2007 T12 named Gator
When & Why did you start your carving life / get into Trikke? Saw an infomercial long ago and was intrigued, then years later started seeing a Trikke CV being ridden on local trails as I walked. That Christmas I received cash from parents and in-laws and decided to spend it on a T78cs. It arrived in February and by March I knew that I wanted to be able to show others how to ride so by April I was at a Trikke Academy. I showed up there with little experience on a Trikke CV and even less technique but was hooked on the Trikke experience so I kept at it until I was both able to carve and able to show others how to carve. 
What are three words that describe you? odd, dependable, reserved
What is the last book you read & movie you watched? “The Little Engine That Could”
“Thomas & Friends: Curious Cargo” (If you want the last adult book & movie instead of the last book & movie, then it’s “Revelation” and “The Martian”, but those others really are the last ones) 
What is your greatest joy? Being in a place in life where I know that I am doing what I’m called to do and doing it well because my relationship with God and relationships with others are strong and my path is clear to see.
Intuition or rationale? rationale  
If you could give one piece of advice to your 10-year-old self, what would it be? Be strong more often instead of doing what’s expected 
Who would play You in the movie of your life? Mary Stuart Masterson (think Joon Pearl in “Benny & Joon” or Idgie Threadgoode in “Fried Green Tomatoes”)
In one sentence, what does the future of Trikke look like to you? A labor of love as we care for aging BPVs in an electric market.
What’s playing on your carving / trikke-ing soundtrack?  A playlist called “Energy” that’s a wide variety of contemporary christian artists
What is your favorite guilty pleasure? Ice cream, the real stuff, not the sugar free I’m supposed to eat
What do you have hidden under your bed? missing shoes and dog hair
Elvis or Sinatra? Elvis (bc as best I know, Frank doesn’t have a song about a hound dog)

Nominate someone to be featured in our Trikke spotlight or enter yourself

Simply fill out the questionnaire.  The Trikke spotlight is an opportunity to get to know folks in the Trikke community, it’s open to everyone.

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Next Trikke Academy  – St. Louis, MO – Oct 7th – 9th

Next Trikke Academy – St. Louis, MO – Oct 7th – 9th

Announcing or date for the 2nd Trikke Academy in St. Louis, MO (our new Trikke Academy hub) this fall…. October 7th – 9th.

The Trikke Academy training will be hosted at the Comfort Inn – Westport.  We have secured a reduced room rate for our guest and the hotel offers many nice amenities to help make your trip comfortable and convenience.  Only 9 miles from the St. Louis international airport this location is convenient for all travelers.  The hotel also offers a complimentary airport shuttle and a complimentary shuttle within a 2-mile radius, so you don’t need to rent a car.  Unless you’re planning to turn this trip into a little vacation, tack on some extra days and enjoy all the St. Louis has to offer.

The Trikke Academy training event is for those looking to get into the business of Trikke on whatever level is comfortable and convenient.  We have 3 different training programs:

Certified Trikke Professional / Sales Rep – allows you to earn a straight commission on all your sales.  No inventory or location required.

Certified Trikke Trainer / Sales Rep – also earns a straight commission on all sales but in addition, they are able to offer Trikke riding training and charge for it.  No inventory or location required

Certified Trikke Dealer – Can run an approved mobile operation, a brick, and mortar store, and / or a Tours and / or Rentals operation.  Inventory is required and all sales earn a margin.  If a Certified Dealer does not have a product in stock they can always process a drop ship order as a Sales Rep and earn a commission.

 We’ll schedule a call with you and Fred Welch, The Academy Director.  If after that call you’d like to reserve a spot for one of our Academies you’ll simply submit a $150 deposit and a confirmation email will be sent.

We’ll see you in St. Louis!



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Have Your Carving Vehicle Come To Attention!   (…How To Do A Stand Up Fold)

Have Your Carving Vehicle Come To Attention! (…How To Do A Stand Up Fold)


“Have Your Carving Vehicle Come To Attention!   (…How To Do A Stand Up Fold)”    

Whenever we do a Trikke Academy event at a hotel, we’re normally in some form of conference room, and I can tell you from experience, they come in all different shapes and sizes.    We’ve stayed in some pretty fancy places  But what some hotels call a conference room, I call a basement.    

And, by the time everyone arrives, some with more than one vehicle, that room is not looking quite as big as it did in the pictures.  So…  Whatever is a Trikke Instructor to do when you have way too many 3 wheeled carving thingies littering up a perfectly nice conference room?    

Whether you’re traveling or visiting your friend’s new studio apartment, dealing with limited space is a challenge.  Even when folded, you don’t want your “lifestyle accessory” to be a nuisance, taking up valuable floor space.   Here’s a Tip-Trickk-Technique that will make your CV act more like an art piece than a vehicle.  

20160517_131023On most Trikke vehicles, simply extending the handlebars -often to the 3rd or 4th pin from the bottom- will allow you to stand it up like a slim tripod.   As long as the handlebars are even with the back wheels, you can pick up the front wheel and make your vehicle come to attention.  

Depending on the angle your handlebars are set to, the pin hole may not be exactly at the right spot and it may end up looking more like the leaning tower of Pisa.   If so, just move it off the pin to wherever makes it stand straight, and then tighten down the quick release clamp. (…which is really what holds the handlebars where you want them anyway.  Relying solely the pin is a bad idea.)  20160517_130420 

 (Keep in mind, there are some iterations of the T12 that, sadly, just won’t go there. The handlebars just don’t come up far enough.  If you have bar-ends, that normally does the trickk. …so to speak.)  

You can even do it with Trikke Elekktrics. You will most likely have to re-orient the throttle so that the lenses aren’t facing the floor.   It’s also best to have the battery out, making it less top heavy.

Just don’t forget to put your handlebars back to your preferred riding position before you take off on a ride.    


Ironically, any Trikke Professional will tell you that a folded CV standing up on its own normally gets just as much attention as one that’s unfolded, ready to ride.

So, try it next time you need some extra floor space.  And when someone asks you, “Hey, what is that thing?”,  you can just tell them it’s a work of art.  

And, actually… You’d be right.

Help Us Decide – 6th National Riding Skkool in St. Louis?

Help Us Decide – 6th National Riding Skkool in St. Louis?


I’m afraid that location arrangements for this year’s National Trikke Riding Skkool have all gone awry.  It was to be announced for later this year.  But, sad to say it, sometimes, things just aren’t how they seem.  

Therefore, we are considering, either cancelling the NRS for this year, or doing a last minute switch and have it to coincide with the Academy in St. Louis, – on the weekend of June 11th & 12th.

With only a little over 4 weeks remaining, which is not much time for guests to plan, we need to hear from you.   

If we receive a minimum of 10 sign ups, …It’s On.   AND…

As a thank you, everyone who fills out the registration form and submits a deposit within the next week will receive a sizable discount.

However, if we receive less than 10, we will refund all deposits and will continue with plans for next year’s N.R.S.  (To be announced later this year.)  

We will make that decision beginning of next week, so please let us know if you can take part in what has become a cherished event in the Trikke community.  

If you would like to register for this year’s Trikke National Riding Skkool, simply fill out this form.

A $50 deposit is required.  If this event is cancelled, full refund of deposits will be issued.

The full 2 days of training is $350 with a $50 deposit.  Register by Wednesday, May 18th and you’ll register at the discounted price if $250  This includes all of the classes for Saturday & Sunday in addition to the hosted reception, goodie bag, and a special addition 6th National Riding Skkool shirt.

St. Louis is the home of our very first National Riding Skkool which was so much fun and a big success.  Check out some photos from the 1st National Riding Skkool in St. Louis the summer of 2010.


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St Louis Trike


The first Trikke Academy for 2016 is now in the books, and coming up this June, it will be time for the new Trikke Academy hub to kick off in St Louis.  

Hey, it’s Bill Smith, the new Director for the Midwest Regional Trikke Academy, and I want you to “Meet Me In St. Louis!”  

  (….OK, OK, I may not be a pretty as Judy Garland.  BUT, St. Louis is still the place to meet if you’re looking for a great city to have a “Carve it up” Trikke event!)

Two years ago, I dove into the Trikke Tours arena, and this is now my second season having my own business, offering guided tours all around the greater St. Louis area with Trikke STL Guided Tours.   

Several of us throughout the country are dedicated to turning our city into a trikke-friendly place, where our beloved 3 wheeled contraptions are not only “allowed”, but embraced.  

I have completely enjoyed introducing people to my faire city, and the easy ways to navigate your way through this historical place.  And I’d be honored to do the same for you.   

Over the last 10 years, Trikke Academies have been held all over the country.  Some places have certainly been more hospitable than others.   But, along with Las Vegas, I think St. Louis was a great choice for Trikke Academy to put down some roots and call home.

Why?  Because we’re smack dab in the middle of the country.  An easy flight and a manageable drive from anywhere in the midwest.  

And whether you’re coming for a Trikke event, or just a visit, there are countless things to go do and enjoy, either before or after your Academy experience….  


St. Louis Trikke fun

Lake Forest Park, which was voted best urban park by USA Today.  It is 500 acres BIGGER than NYC’s Central Park and has 2 FREE museums, including one that was there to welcome the 1904 World’s Fair.  With miles and miles of paved trails and countless places to explore and discover throughout, Forest Park alone is worth the trip as a great place to play on 3 wheels.   (All I can say is there’s a reason the very first National Riding Skkool was held right here, with Forest Park as the carving playground.)

If you’ve got kids, the St. Louis Zoo is located right in the Park, and is considered to be in the Top Five Zoos in the country.  AND!  It’s free to walk with the animals.    (…Notice I said “walk”.  I’m afraid you’ll have to leave your trikke at the door.  🙂   

Should I go on?

You a baseball fan?…

We also have the World Champion Cardinals and Busch Stadium is in the heart of Downtown, St. Louis.

If music is your thing…

Our brand new Blues Museum showcases the long, rich history of blues music in this country.

Maybe you’re a foodie?…

St. Louis is also the land of “Toasted Ravs”  (i.e. fried raviolis made with either beef, veal, or a mixture of both.)  They are St. Louis’ gift to the world!  Embrace them.   Did I mention great, competition-style BBQ?   White Castle?  And the home of “Panera”, which we stubbornly refer to by its proper name — “St. Louis Bread Company” — and refuse to do otherwise.

 (But you may want to plan on doing a little extra carving to work it all off. )

And if you want to see a real American treasure, go see the beautiful Budweiser Clydesdales, at the Budweiser Brewery.


Bill Smith

All of that, and more.  PLUS, of course, the main reason for a Trikke fan to come to St. Louis, the Trikke Academy!

So, this is your invitation to come carve in the “Gateway City”, in the footprint of the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, and our new, mid-west regional location for Trikke Academy.

Looking forward to meeting YOU in St. Louis!


Register – St. Louis Academy – June 10th – 12th

Join Certified Trikke Professionals and Certifid Trikke Trainers from all over he country.  Meet us in St. Louis, June 10th – 12th


Trikke Spotlight – David Beerman – Certified Trikke Professional & Trainer

Trikke Spotlight – David Beerman – Certified Trikke Professional & Trainer

Fun Q&A Profiles On Some Of The People Making a Difference in The Trikke World

Trikke Skki for Adaptive

When it comes to making a difference, Dave Beerman is a valued member of the Trikke business community.  He’s a retired engineer, who decided to make “health through sport” his mantra, and give back to those who need a more “adaptive” approach.  He’s not only a Certified Trikke Trainer / Professional, he’s a Cross-Seasonal Trikke Trainer, introducing the Trikke Skki into Colorado resorts as a legit piece of ski school training equipment to teach those with disabilities.

   “So, Dave, we have a few questions for you….”


Where are you located? Broomfield, Colorado 
What models of Trikke carving vehicles do you own?  T78cs (air tires), T12, Pon-e 36v Lite, Pone-36v, Trikke SKKIs (2)
When & Why did you start your carving life / get into Trikke? I bought the T78cs after seeing the infomercial (about 2005?). Then after moving to Colorado, rented a Trikke SKKI to check it out. And seeing its capabilities is what got me thinking about getting more involved with Trikkes. So I attended the Academy in Las Vegas in 2012 to become a Certified Trikke Trainer – then my garage started to fill up with Trikkes.
What are three words that describe you? Fun, fair, forward-looking
What is the last book you read & movie you watched? The Wright Brothers (David McCullough)
What is your greatest joy? When Mrs. B and I are somewhere out in the sunshine, breathing in the clear Colorado air
Intuition or rationale? 80% rationale, 20% intuition 
If you could give one piece of advice to your 10-year-old self, what would it be? Play more baseball 
Who would play You in the movie of your life? Charleton Heston
In one sentence, what does the future of Trikke look like to you? The future looks electric – so bright you’ve got to wear shades.
What’s playing on your carving / trikke-ing soundtrack?  Rippingtons, Hans Zimmer movie soundtracks
What is your favorite guilty pleasure?   oreo malts
What do you have hidden under your bed? more books
Elvis or Sinatra?  neither

Would you like to be featured in our Trikke spotlight?

Simply fill out the questionnaire.  The Trikke spotlight is an opportunity to get to know folks in the Trikke community, it’s open to everyone.

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Q&A with Gildo Beleski – Inventor of Trikke carving vehicles

Q&A with Gildo Beleski – Inventor of Trikke carving vehicles

Gildo Q_A resizeIt was a real treat during Trikke Academy in Las Vegas, NV (April 15th – 17th, 2016) to have a live video call with the legendary Gildo Beleski, the Brazilian founder, and CEO of Trikke, now based in Buellton, CA. It was great to see the brains behind the operation, set to the backdrop of the Trikke workshop, where miracles are made.

Gildo is both brilliant and personable, and we are proud to call him our leader. He’s a visionary with humility. And the take-aways from the conversation were illuminating. The attendees of Trikke Academy (TA) each submit a question for him:

TA: What is the #1 thing people ask you to add to the Trikke?

  • GB: It use to be a motor/battery back when we did not manufacture electrics.  Now it’s suspension, which we are working on.  Suspension is currently on our newly launched Police / Security vehicle called the defender we are testing to expand suspension to consumer vehicles.

TA: Do you see the battery industry standardizing?  

  • GB: No, but I see battery technology improving in the area of quick charge and becoming safer.  When cell phones first came out you would pull the battery off to charge it.  You possibly even had a spare to quick swap.  Now you can charge your cell phone in an hour.  Battery technology will become faster and more efficient.  Also, being able to discharge the battery so you can travel on an airplane.  If the battery is discharged then it’s safe, when you get to your destination then you charge it up.  This will not only allow for easy travel with batteries but also easier shipping.

TA: What was that feeling when you rode your completed Trikke for the first time?

  • GB: I designed and invented the first Trikke for downhill fun in Brazil so the Trikke that eventually came to market is very different then the first Trikke I created.  There was no self-propulsion.  It was only after, that I thought can I make this propel forward.  (I don’t recall if he answered the question as to how he felt)

TA: Will a Trikke be sturdy enough for rough roads like in a developing country?

  • GB: We are perfecting the Defender, which will be the ATV version of Trikke. I think it would withstand some poor road conditions.

And, for the most poignant Q&A of the session:

TA: If every country were to ban Trikke, what would you do?

  • GB: I can’t give up on Trikke.  I did that once for 7 years while in Brazil.  If Trikke was ban then I would still be making and designing Trikkes in my garage.  

The live video call with Gildo was impactful on a few levels.  As we indicated the final question reverberated.  It showed that Trikke for him is as much a passion as it is promotion.  So, the goal is to promote the passion.  It’s not the pursuit of sales, because passion sells itself.

by: Vivek Subramanian

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TECH UPDATES  –  Cool Info From The Trikke Design Team

TECH UPDATES – Cool Info From The Trikke Design Team

“Can You Say… Knobby?”
New, Upgraded Tires Mean New. Upgraded Performance. )

      – Fred Welch

The Trikke Elekktric Pon-E is a quick, slick, and incredibly functional machine.   

This past January I went to the Consumer Electronics show and saw lots of new vehicle types and the companies who make them.  And I can honestly say that, when it comes to the growing market trend of personal electric transportation, Trikke vehicles are tops in their class.   They’re fun, foldable, body powered hybrids that act as an exceptional lifestyle tool if you use it properly.  

But, they also have their limitations.  Ever skid out the front wheel on take off?   The Trikke hub motor wheel is out in front of the rider’s weight.   So, traction is limited.  That’s why leaning forward during acceleration puts traction where you need it when you need it, helping to stick that front tire to the ground.

(Cause let’s face it, spinning out the tire and leaving skid marks every time you take off is soooo 11th grade, don’t ya think?)

The upside of any front wheel drive configuration is that it requires less torque to move you.  So, you don’t need as much power to do the job.  Great upside.   But, just like front wheel drive cars, they are NOT at their best in low traction situations like dirt, grass, or snow.  

knobby tires 2SO, typically, mounting knobby tires on a “low power, low torque” configuration like the Trikke Pon-e (36V or 48V) just wouldn’t make a lot of sense.    Even though any Trikke Elekktric aficionado will tell you the Trikke Pon-E can often be ridden on dirt or even grass, once again, it is not without limitation.  It’s simply not meant for that kind of terrain.  

So, when I heard el maestro (aka Gildo B.) say, “All new Pon-Es are now assembled with the new Trikke knobby tires.”,  I felt it was necessary to say…  “Say whaaat?!”

Here’s his reply:    (Inset the quote and use different font)

“ Why knobby tires?   Knobby tires may not be considered necessary for a front wheel drive vehicle with low torque motor, but it can certainly help with braking because of the additional traction, especially on dirt or wet roads.         

The most common maintenance or service issue is Tires, – wearing out, getting flats, etc.  I’ve been doing a lot of research, and tried a lot of tires, so here is what you need to know about these new knobby tires.  

This is the same tire as on our new Defender model for Patrol – security / law enforcement.   It’s a “hybrid” tread – as in, just a little knobby.  (see photos below)   So, you’re picking up less rolling resistance than a full knobby.   

They have the same basic dimension as before, so they’re also interchangeable and can mount on any existing 8” wheel.   But new Pon-Es will also have a new rear wheel design too, – same diameter, but rim and hub are wider, using a 10mm (I.D.) bearings (same T12 bearings).  That will help with wear and tear and, therefore, it will also help with maintenance.   

Since these knobby tires are assembled “tubeless” with tire sealant slime inside, they are also self-healing in case of puncture.   Tubes are actually still an option, but all this means they also hold pressure for a longer time.  Of course, you still have to check your air pressure, but they’re virtually maintenance free.

They still have a heavy duty carcass, but they’re also 25% lighter and more flexible than the previous heavy duty tires. And even at 50 psi (40 psi front), they still ride very well.  

Tires make a big difference.  This is a good upgrade.  Soon, we will also have the slick tire option for the Trikke Pon-e line up (which will be same size as the knobbies). ”

So, like the man said,… “This is a good upgrade.”     

I agree.  

Next up on TECH TIPS….  The new brake system for the Trikke Pon-E.   Big upgrade, huge improvement!

Trikke Spotlight – Wilson Wong – The Father of the LSM

Trikke Spotlight – Wilson Wong – The Father of the LSM

Fun Q&A Profiles On Some Of The People Making a Difference in The Trikke World

Wilson Wong aka Double Dub

Wilson Wong aka Double Dub

Where are you located?  Los Angeles, CA
What models of Trikke carving vehicles do you own?  T8 Air and T12 Roadster
When & Why did you start your carving life / get into Trikke?2008, to get some exercise and lose weight 
What are three words that describe you? Sensitive, Goofy, and weird
What is the last book you read & movie you watched? Honestly can’t remember 
What is your greatest joy? Hearing from or about my nieces and nephews
Intuition or rationale? Always follow your gut 
If you could give one piece of advice to your 10-year-old self, what would it be? Go for it! 
Who would play You in the movie of your life? Keeanu Reeves IDK???
In one sentence, what does the future of Trikke look like to you? The future of Trikke looks hopeful if they build another adult sized Body powered vehicle.
What’s playing on your carving / trikke-ing soundtrack?  lots of R&B, some Jazz
What is your favorite guilty pleasure?  Dining alone
What do you have hidden under your bed? towels and sheets
Elvis or Sinatra?  Elvis