Trikke started with “body powered” vehicles;  a full-body, low impact fitness platform that disguises fitness with fun.   But, for many, it also came with a rather difficult learning curve, and no one to help get them over the hump.

So, together, we created a Trikke training program called Trikke Academy to turn an enthusiast into an entrepreneur.   In other words, we help you become a Trikke Professional;  a brand ambassador /representative.  A guru in all things Trikke.

Since then, Trikke has unleashed one of the worlds best, and most versatile line of personal “Elekktric” transportation vehicles, which are changing the way people understand personal transportation, and getting from point A to point B.  And that has now put us squarely in the transportation business, with opportunities in both consumer & commercial sales.

We have multiple programs, depending on your level of interest and long term Trikke goals.

Become A Certified Trikke Professional

Certified Trikke Professionals can Rep the full product line (no inventory or store front required), receive 20% commission on all sales & 20% discount for personal purchases.
Trikke Pros are just that… Pros.  They are informed, knowledgeable sales representative who can take a customer through the entire process of adopting Trikke vehicles into their lifestyle, whether that’s Body Powered vehicles or Elekktric.   That includes everything involved in helping guide their interest, and ultimately make for themselves a smart buying decision.  Certified Trikke Professionals are able to offer a basic riding demo; help choosing the right vehicle; and help to get them started carving post-sale.

Certified Trikke Professionals (including Certified Trainers, Dealers, Tour Operators)  receive a Map Listing & Bio page on the website Directory so people can find you.   Should you decide later on that you’d like to become a Certified Trainer, Certified Tech or Certified Dealer you can do that without having to start from scratch. In addition, you have the option to audit any future Academies to keep up to date on everything Trikke is doing in the marketplace.  (Auditing options are based on availability.)

Become A Certified Trikke Trainer

In addition to being a Trikke Professional, a Trikke Trainer can provide riding instruction on both EV & BPV vehicles. You’re also listed as a Certified Trikke Trainer on the site, so that enthusiast looking for riding instruction can easily find you. Certified Trikke Trainers receive the same Professional training above, but must also complete additional training on how to ride & how to teach someone to ride, which also allows them to charge for their riding training services.  Certified Trikke Trainers must pass a riding test and meet additional certification requirements, and will be listed as such on all directories.
Is becoming a Trikke Trainer right for you?  Contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Become A Certified Trikke Tours Operator

Do you like people?    Do you live in a place people like to visit & see?   Do you take pride in your city, and enjoy introducing people to all the unique gems in your city?

If you answered yes to those questions, then consider this…
The world of Trikke Elekktric vehicles has opened a whole new world for the Trikke business.
In one way or another, we’ve all taken a “tour” someplace.   Maybe you’ve heard of Segway?
You’ve probably figured out, we’re nothing like Segway.   The ski-like sensation of Elekktric powered carving is unlike any other.   And currently, the Tours arena is the fastest growing aspect of the Trikke business, with a great, high revenue business model.
So, get yourself some Trikke Elekktrics, and put those Pon-E’s to work showing people around your neck of the woods.   We’ll get you started with and  packages, and we’ll also help keep you rolling down the line.  A  (Check out the Trikke Tours section of the website for more info & details! –under construction)

Become A Certified Trikke Dealer

Certified Trikke Dealers are a wholesale/retail business, with margins of up to 40%.  Inventory and store front may or may not be required.  Drop ship options are available when processing customer orders.
As a Certfied Trikke Professional, Dealers may also receive Certified Trikke Trainer certification along with Advanced Tech certification so they can take on every aspect of having a successful Trikke business.

Is becoming a Trikke Certified Dealer right for you?  Contact us, and we’ll be happy to help walk you through your decision.

  (Certified Trikke Dealers are margin based and inventory & store front requirements may apply.)

Trikke Academy Certification Course

Comprehensive two day training in representing the Trikke brand as a Certified Trikke Professional.
Friday & Saturday classes – classroom / riding training / tech training.
Additional Riding & Tech certification classes available.