2015 N.R.S. Testimonials

2015 N.R.S. Testimonials

Expectations were exceeded! I know what I can work on to make the carve beneficial. I’m just thrilled my daughter Cassie can now carve. She is so excited! Cassie actually took her Trikke home! She is now carving on the paths in her neighborhood. (Cassie received the Trikke as a Xmas gift several years ago and it’s been hanging in my garage!) I now have a partner!


Fred’s depth of knowledge and ability to demonstrate so many different techniques effectively. The last day in the afternoon was especially helpful, the more advanced lessons were great.


Overall this is a must take class for all Trikke owners even if you can make it go or have done 100 miles on it in one day. I can promise you you will walk way an even better trikker than you thought you were in a humble way!!!! Priceless class in my book worth it and love every minute of it!!!


I walked my Trikke to Fred’s beginner class on Friday night (because I couldn’t do anything but stand on the blasted thing), and by Saturday afternoon I was having a ball Trikking my way around the Indy Speedway…..talk about the COOLEST first group ride ever! N.R.S. is a blessing for the Trikke community.


If the opportunity arises to take the Riding School, do it! No matter how much experience you think you have the Riding School teaches you techniques that will allow you to ride faster, farther, and maneuver better.