2012 Trikke Academy Locations

2012 Trikke Academy Locations

Our 2012 Trikke Academy Events have come to a close.  We would like to Thank All of you that Stepped up and either became a Certified Trikke Trainer or Dealer, participated in our National Riding Skkool, The Skki Inn, or one of our Riding Clinikk events.  We enjoyed meeting each and everyone of you.  We also enjoyed helping you kick it up a notch with your passion and love of Trikke.  We ask that you get out there and spread the carving bug in your neighborhood.

We are looking forward to seeing you all again as well as meeting new Trikke Enthusiast in 2013.

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Our 2013 schedule will be announced soon.





SKKI INN – Location TBA – Feburary 5th – 10th 2013 ( date is subject to change)


4th ANNUAL NATIONAL RIDING SKKOOL – Las Vegas, NV – March 16th – 17th 2013

FIRST TRIKKE ACADEMY OF THE YEAR – Las Vegas, NV – March 22nd – 24th





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Academy locations are chosen based on a variety of factors:   interest /  season /  dealer location /  “destination location”  / etc


Some things to consider are:


– Which best fits your calendar?   Do you want to bring your spouse, close relative, business partner, etc??


– Hotel price /package. – You are never obligated to stay in the chosen hotel.  Since that is often where at least some of the classes are held, you may need to make sure you are within trikking distance, or have transportation to and from.


– Will you even need a rental car anyway? – We often choose a hotel that is close enough to an airport that a shuttle or taxi may be less expensive.  A shuttle may also be provided by the hotel.


– Within driving distance?  (You’ll have wheels while you’re there, and can BYOtrikke.)


We keep Academy classes to a maximum of 25 sign-ups/people, — plus guests.   Class size does vary based on a variety of factors.   Please call to see if we are sold out  /at capacity /full.   There are advantages to both bigger and smaller classes.


Academies are not cookie cutter.  Each location is different, and definitely plays a role in the flow, the tone, and even the schedule.  If you have any questions regarding these locations or the program please contact us.















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