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Welcome to the Official Trikke Academy Website

2017 marks the 10 Year Anniversary of the Trikke Academy.   We’ve recently updated the entire Academy Program to make it even easier to take advantage of all we have to offer.   So, whether you want to represent the Trikke brand  or just learn how to ride, you’ll find great information & other content all throughout the website.   Now, go explore and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts & questions.   

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Carve’ Diem!

Our website is currently undergoing some remodeling, with necessary tweeks & updates.  So, please forgive anything that doesn’t look right, or any broken links.   Thanks for your patience.    And please feel free to contact us with any questions at:



NATIONAL RIDING SKKOOL  – St. Louis, MO  – (Sept 30th – Oct. 1st) 

TRIKKE ACADEMY -Fall Session   – St. Louis, MO  – (Oct. 14th – 15th)


Changes to the Trikke Academy Curriculum

While our site is under re-construction…


There have been some important Info & Updates to the Academy Program.   We’ve recently updated our Academy Curriculum & daily class schedule, and pricing!  ….meaning we’ve made it even easier for you to Get Started with Trikke.

Here Are Some Highlights To The New Trikke Academy Program

  • Easy Spring / Fall Dates Schedule  –  Easier planning ahead
  • Two Regional Locations  – St. Louis, MO   &  Las Vegas, NV 
    • (Host Hotel:  Comfort Inn, St Louis – Westport  –  T.A. Rm Block rate: $89 per night)
      (Hotel Website Info)
    • Las Vegas, NV  (2018 dates & location info announced soon) 
  • Easy 2-Day Weekend Schedule  – Less time away
  • More Affordable Tuition  
    • (Making your decision that much easier  (Full 2 Day Academy $495)
  • New Updates to Classes / Curriculum:  Riding / Tech / Classroom / Work Groups  – help you define your path forward.  
  • Simple Commission Structure:  Trikke Pros earn a full 20% commission on all sales, including your own purchases. 
  • Training In:   Consumer / Commercial / …and, of course, Riding & Tech 
  • Friday Night Warm Ups & Meet & Greet  – Get to know your TA Team & Classmates  
Whether you’re interested in the money, or the purpose…

    It’s your move.   

        Come find your role in the Trikke movement.  

Wanna learn more?  Just send us an Email here…

PLEASE NOTE:  Optimal Academy class size is 10 people -give or take.  So space is limited.  Why?…
This is not some mass business seminar.  Trikke Academy is a training program, helping those who are interested in Trikke turn that interest into opportunity.    Trikke Academy is an interactive experience:  business & personal.  Get involved!

(If you have previously attended a National Riding Skkool event, get Up To $100 off your Academy Tuition!)
(Stay tuned for 2018 Academy Dates.) 


What is the Trikke Academy Program?

Trikke started with “body powered” vehicles as a full-body, low impact fitness platform that disguises fitness with fun.  

But, for many, carving vehicles also come with a rather difficult learning curve.  And getting people riding (carving) as a part of their health & wellness lifestyle is what Trikke is really all about.     

So, together, we created a training program called Trikke Academy to turn an enthusiast into a Pro, who could help guide and train other enthusiasts in all things Trikke.   

Trikke Academy events used to be held all throughout the country, rarely in the same city twice.  We have now moved to a “Regional” program with a sister cities approach, starting with St. Louis, MO  &  Las Vegas, NV.

Though body powered vehicles started it all, Trikke has since unleashed one of the world’s best, and most versatile line of personal, “Elekktric” transportation vehicles on the planet.   And that has now put us squarely in the transportation business, opening up professional / commercial opportunities for anyone who’s willing and ready to step up.

   (Security /LawEnforcement;  Warehouse /Facilities Logistics;  Tours;  RV market; and more;  Boat /Lite Aircraft;  Adaptive Mobility;  Etc.)

If you love it, then spread the word.  Trikke Academy helps you turn that passion into purpose, proudly representing the brand as a Trikke Professional.    

We offer a simple and generous commission structure of 20% on all sales, including your own purchases.  

We have multiple programs, depending on your level of interest and long term Trikke goals.   So, whether you’re interested in becoming a Certified Sales Representative in your community, or a Certified Trikke Trainer, Dealer, or Trikke Tours Operator… 

      Become a Certified Trikke Professional

          Just shoot us an email to get started.

  If You ride, You represent.   

      Chances are, you know that’s true every time you answer the question…. “What is that thing?”  

              For over 10 years, Trikke Academy has been helping Trikke-lovers turn passion into PURPOSE.  

                           So, come get involved in the Trikke Movement.